The Mozart Effect® Resource Centre

The Mozart Effect® is an inclusive term signifying the transformational powers of music in health, education and well–being.

The Mozart Effect® represents:

  • The use of music and the arts to improve the health of families and communities
  • The general use of music to improve memory, awareness and the integration of learning styles
  • The innovative and experimental uses of music to improve listening and attention deficit disorders
  • The therapeutic uses of music for mental and physical disorders and injuries
  • The collective uses of music for imagery and visualization, to activate creativity and reduce depression and anxiety

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The Mozart Effect®
Complete collection plus book

Compiled and sequenced by Don Campbell

Gathering together CD volumes 1–6 of the award–winning series with the original best–selling book by Don Campbell. Charge your brain to achieve greater concentration and focus! Listen to wake up, increase alertness and for better focus and concentration.

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